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Opening Hours

  • Monday: 19:00 

  • Wednesday: 19:00

  • Saturday : 10:00


Typically, classes run for 60~90 minutes. 

Minimum age 16 years old. 

We provide a free taster session. 

If it is your first time, just wear comfortable sporty attire. 


We run the Dojo out of passion and not as a profit making business. If you are interested after the taster session, we offer a low rate monthly subscription (no contract), free to leave when you want.

Judo Belts

Achieving the best from training.

Etiquette Guide

  1. Arrive 10-15 minutes before your class begins. Punctuality is an important part of our practice.

  2. Please remove your shoes before entering the matt area, and place them inside the allocated shoe rack.

  3. Remove all jewellery and all accessories prior to training. They pose a potential danger to other participants and to yourself.

  4. Mobile phones must be put in silent mode and left in the dressing room.

  5. Once class is over, please put all equipment and props back in their place. The dojo should be left clean and ready for the next class.

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